Relationships With and Within Our Bodies

February: the month of Valentines Day, love and relationships. I know I am a few weeks late but I thought it was appropriate to talk about relationships this month. Valentines is the day where we exchange gifts, flowers, cards, and candy to those we love.  But this year I found myself asking, “what about the relationship with myself?”


The word relationship is a noun and is defined as “a connection, association, or involvement.” Most of us have multiple relationships ranging from friends, family, and even our pets. We have relationships with those we work with to those we spend a lot of time with everyday. Then there is the relationship we have with ourselves.

Through my personal craniosacral sessions and those I have experienced while working on others, I have realized there are multiple relationships occurring within our own personal lives. First, there is the one most of us know, this is our view of ourselves and how we view ourselves as a person in this physical world. Second, there are the relationships we have within our physical and spiritual bodies that occur naturally without most of us thinking about it.


Let me give you an example to make the second relationship more clear. Within our bodies we have what is called the endocrine system, which is a group of glands that is responsible for hormones, growth and development, sleep, mood, reproduction and much more. Within the endocrine system there is the hypothalamus and the thyroid. Although the two glands are separate, they work together in a feedback loop and depend on each other running smoothly for the body to function appropriately. In short, they have a relationship together, naturally occurring in our bodies. But what happens when one of the glands doesn’t work smoothly? Usually, a dysfunction within one of the glands leads to diseases such as thyroid disease, or Hashimoto’s. Just like in real life with people, when one of the parties does not contribute, there is dysfunction within the relationship.

What if when there is a dysfunction within our bodies, or a failed relationship among the glands or organs there would be a way to help the two parties get along again to function smoothly? Amazingly, I have learned there is. Not only do we have the personal ability to talk to our bodies, our bodies are more then willing to listen.

A year ago when I was very sick from a trip to India, it left my spleen swollen and painful. My swollen spleen affected its relationship with my diaphragm as the two fought for space in my body. At first I was upset and told my body repeatedly that I was too sick to ever get better. I was mad at my diaphragm often telling my body I wouldn’t ever have the strength to exercise again. Then I decided to “change the channel” from negative to positive. I had a few craniosacral sessions working directly with my spleen and diaphragm and how the two work together. I started telling my body that I was going to get better, that I was strong and healthy. It took some time, but where medicine would not help, I got better from building a better, positive relationship with my body and within my body. I could not have changed my thought process without the help of craniosacral therapy. My relationship within my body could not have improved either without the help.

Through changing my view of my personal relationship with my sickness and myself it affected the internal, physical relationship that we often don’t think about. In turn, the internal relationship healed, I got better, and my relationship with myself improved, as I was able to be strong and healthy again.


Relationships take time and need time, love, and patience. Our bodies and the relationship within our bodies are the same, they need time, love, and patience. I challenge everyone reading this post: tune in and meditate, is there a relationship inside your body needs some extra attention or love? If you can give it some love, will it improve how your view yourself? Can you love your body for working the way it is right now? Can you build up your relationship with your body? If the answer is no or if you need help tuning in, don’t be scared to seek out some craniosacral therapy!                    

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It Takes A Village