A Greener Earth through CST

I have always been a true Earth loving “hippy”. I remember being little and going through our family’s trashcan and taking out the recyclables and placing them in the recycling bin. This is something I also found myself doing last year at the hospital. When I lived in a condo with my sister in my late twenties, they did not recycle. Each week we would take turns taking our used cans and paper to the local recycling center. I always try to turn my ignition in my car to off to be idle free when in the line at the bank or a coffee drive through. I am not sure where this came from, I was just born this way.

Every year around Earth Day I try to add one more thing to my daily or weekly routine that can help this planet be a greener, happier place to live. Earth day is a great day or time of year to start rethinking about how we care for the planet. Which of course got me thinking to our subtle bodies and how by taking care of ourselves and getting treatment, like craniosacral therapy, can lead to a healthier planet.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how we are all connected in a deeper way then we think. Physicists have discovered that particles, like atoms, can move in “waves”. These are not waves like sound or water but they are called probability waves. These waves do not represent an object or things but the probability of things and objects, the potential for interconnectedness. This is difficult to understand but basically physicists are discovering there are no longer such things as a “thing”, we are all “ probable events” or “probable waves”.

Our view that this world is a solid object and we are solid beings is no longer true. We are more like wave like patterns that interconnect. Nothing is an isolated object, as the whole universe is a dynamic web of inseparable energy waves and patterns. Since we are not isolated there is no such thing as a part, rather we are a whole.

The concept that we are all interconnected and live as a whole, versus separate beings was discovered long before physicists could prove this in a lab.  Ancient Indian tribes living as far back as 3000 B.C have records on meditation and ancient text describing this interconnected phenomenon. Many of the texts discuss not only how we are connected to each other but to the “whole”, essentially the planet. In the Bhagavad Gita translated by Eknath Easaran he states, “the Upanishadic discovery that all things are interconnected because at its deepest level creation is indivisible. This oneness bestows a basic balance on the whole of nature such that any disturbance in one place has to send ripples everywhere, as a perfect bubble, touched lightly in one place, trembles all over until balance is restored.”  

Like a bubble when we do something that impacts the earth, it can be felt on the other side of the world, such as when there is an oil spill. But what about on a smaller scale? When I come home angry it changes the dynamic of my home and my husband feels it. What about when I am happy and I care for my self and my needs, how is that effecting the ripples in the bubble? If I am an interconnected wave pattern, by taking care of myself and doing things like craniosacral therapy to restore balance in my parasympathetic system, those wave patterns are affecting those around me. In turn I am creating more balance in the bubble, a happier Earth.

I feel when we are happier and in more self-balance, we act in a more conscious way and think of ways to contribute to the Earth directly for a more sustainable planet. When we embrace that we are connected to the Earth in a dynamic way, we start to treat Earth as if it was our own body and vice versa. Remembering that your actions have a ripple effect can help you make decisions for a greener Earth, even if that is as simple as taking care of your self with a little Craniosacral Therapy.              

Chakras 1-3: Muladara, Svadhisthana, and Manipura

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