Listening to Answers

The past six months I have learned that my thyroid levels are a little high, making me hypothyroid. The more research I do I am learning that this is a common problem that affects large amounts of people. I am trying to help my body in more natural ways before I turn to medications. For those with thyroid imbalances, rest can be the best medicine. For me, I am using meditation as a way to reset and relax my mind and catch up on much needed rest.

In addition to acupuncture, diet changes, and craniosacral therapy I have been using a variety of meditation techniques to balance my health and endocrine system. I often use visualization techniques and find that as a good way to tune in to my body. During meditation I have also been asking that teachers and guides will be presented to me to provide me with the information that I need to heal.

Weather you believe in God, the Holy Ghost, Angels, Guides, or general Universal power, I think each way can provide clear answers for us if we are willing to just ask. When we ask for solutions, signs are all over the place if we are patient and understand that answers can come in many forms.

But what happens when you get an answer or sign you are seeking and it is not the one you wanted? This is what happened to me last week. First I thought, “crap, I asked for guidance on what to do and this is what I get?” Then I started to question the answer. I started to tell myself I made up the answer because my brain has been thinking about it too much. This must be my brain talking, not my guides or the universe. Then I asked my friends for advice to see how they interpreted it, hoping one of them would say, “yea, that’s your brain talking.” Unfortunately, not one person did so I wend back to thinking, “Crap.”

As I was walking yesterday I had two thoughts about the above question. One, why is it is so hard for us to trust? Even when we get answers as clear as day, we still question! I think some of this is because we are taught to question as children. It is how we learn to think for ourselves and how we do well in school. In today’s world we are not taught to listen to intuition, answers from angels or guides, or God. It’s considered “out-there” if you tell people you get answers when you meditate, in your dreams, or other forms. I think talking about this more among other people is a good way to learn to trust the answers we receive. I think understanding some people call it God, while others call it Universe, and putting those differences aside are important. Find people you feel comfortable talking to about this topic and connect with them regularly.

Two, when you get an answer you don’t want is it an answer your loved ones would give? Think of someone who loves you and knows you to the core. Would they give you the same advice and answer? Ultimately, I think that person would just want you to be happy and healthy. If your answers don’t make sense right away, in the long run, will it make you happy and healthy? It might not be the path you want but we can never predict the end results. Often times, when we change the path we are on or do something different than we normally do, we get exactly what we need. 

In closing, I would encourage all of you reading this that when faced with questions, throw them out there in meditation or in prayer. Then quietly listen and watch for your answers understanding that they will show up in many different forms. Last but not least, trust what you get and have faith in your intuition and guides. Know that they too love you, they are helping you to be healthy and happy, and directing you in the direction you should be moving.     

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