Frequently Asked Questions


Craniosacral Therapy can be confusing but it does not have to be. I love answering any questions that you may have even if you do not want to schedule an appointment yet. If you do not see answers to your questions please reach out. 

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What is Craniosacral Therapy? Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment aimed to release tension, decrease pain, and improve overall body function and health. I will use gentle palpitation skills to release restrictions and tension in the fascia, muscles, bones, and organs of your body. Even though light touch is used, the focus is on deep tissue release for improved functions of the body as a whole system. Releasing this tension allows the body to relax and self-correct, letting the central nervous system and all systems interacting with the central nervous system to heal, relax, strengthen resistance to disease, and eliminate pain and stress.   

How can it help me?  By releasing restrictions in your body, you are allowing your body to self-heal and to create increased movements in the muscles, joints, bones, and organs. Movement is related to health, where restriction and stasis is related to disease. In addition, through treatment we are helping your body to relax and allowing your central nervous system to regenerate and renew.  This improves your body’s ability to perform at its best, relieve pain, and to overcome illness and dysfunction.   

Is this body work or energy work? Yes to both. When I work with your body I am releasing restrictions in the tissues, muscles, lymph, organs, blood, fascia, nerves, and cerebral spinal fluid. All of this is also part of your energetic body. It is hard to define where the body, mind, and spirit are all separate and are all together. When you work with one, you work with them all.   

 How many sessions will I need for my ________ problem? Every client is different and requires a different number of sessions for their varying needs. Some clients find that one session is enough for their specific needs, while others come for multiple sessions, yet others see me a few times a year because of how great it makes them feel overall. I would recommend at least 2-3 sessions to see how you feel or to see if you notice any improvements or decrease in your pain. The number of sessions needed might also depend on your exposure to trauma, stress, coping mechanisms, and length of time your body has been compensating and accommodating for your dysfunction.  Depending on how you feel after 2-3 sessions we can decide to do more sessions if you feel it is appropriate. You are also welcome to ask me any question before, during, and after treatment as new thoughts, ideas, and questions arise.       





How come I feel pain in my _____ when I didn't feel it at the beginning of the session? Our bodies are connected from head to toe by fascia, this is called fascial continuity. Sometimes as the body begins to release in one area it can affect other areas on the body. Just as if I was pulling on the bottom of my T-shirt, it effects what happens to the top of the shirt. Our bodies are the same. When I work on one area, it can affect what goes on in other areas of the body. I believe this is the body’s way of releasing restrictions and normalizing movement patterns. We can also have what is called transient pain. Transient means remaining in one place for a short time, or temporary. As the body self-corrects there can be transitory pain in areas that you did not notice at the beginning of the session or old pains that have not fully gone away. This type of pain was simply dormant and waiting to fully heal. Again, I feel this is your body’s way of self healing.  If your pain persists or becomes unbearable please do not hesitate to contact me. 

What should I wear? Please wear whatever makes you comfortable. I prefer something that is easy to move in because you stay clothed during our sessions.  

Will this hurt my baby/infant/child? Your child or infant my feel they are being touched and that  something is happening. Rarely do they feel pain with treatment. At times, infants may cry a little but overall there is a sense of relaxation and calm that comes with treatment. I am trained to work with all ages of infants and children and have a background in Pediatric Occupational Therapy. I do my best to read cues and "listen" to the child as it communicates with me. But mom and dad know best! If you see, hear, or feel something do not hesitate to speak up.