Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on therapy that facilitates the body's natural ability to heal. It releases tension in the central nervous system. The entire body can relax, self-correct, and improve whole body health and performance. I work with the pulse rate of the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), or the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. I then find and release restrictions in the body. This fluid protects our brain and spinal cord and interacts with all other systems and functions of the body. By releasing restrictions in the brain and spinal cord, the body and it's systems perform at their best. It eliminates pain and stress, bolsters resistance to disease, and enhances health and well-being.

I offer these session in person if you live in Utah or want to travel here, you can schedule with me. If you are interested in distance work or healing sessions please schedule a session for you or your baby/child.

Occupational Therapy

I’m licensed and certified as an Occupational Therapist. I have practiced for 8 years on the neuro-rehabilitation unit at a local hospital in both pediatrics and adults. OT provides a unique perspective to analyze habits, roles, environments, and the person. It focuses on rehabilitation of the person through activity analysis and/or environmental adaptation. Through this work, I have undergone in depth neuroscience training, anatomy, and rehabilitation of all body systems.

Spiral/ Clear Your Shit

This is a technique used to release baggage, emotional blocks, old stories and narratives. We do this by connecting the subconscious with the conscious. Created by Dane Thomas, it takes the fundamentals of the chakra system, spiral dynamics, levels of consciousness, Chinese meridians, kinesiology, NLP, and self healing into one fundamental map. This allows for personal development and human evolution.

I discovered this work in 2017 and attended the practitioner training in 2018 in Australia. I assisted as support staff for the USA practitioner training also in 2018. Through releasing my own blocks it has allowed me to realize my calling as a conscious conception facilitator and birth counselor. I move through the world feeling more empowered and connected to my body.

We can do single clearing sessions or the 8 week spiral journey.

Psychosomatic Study

Psychosomatics is the process in which the emotional body reveals itself in the physical body. It is the study of what your body is trying to tell you through physical symptoms. Conditioning from a young age can also lend into how you stand, how your face is shaped, and even how your feet look. Your body tells a story of your traumas! I have studied with the Lightworker Institute to better understand my own physical symptoms and what my body is communicating to me. I use this work to dive deeper into your past traumas, your alignment and posture, and past conditioning all through physical symptoms and the language you use.

Integral Facilitation Certified

Integral Theory is a complex theory started by Ken Wilbur that attempts to integrate the entire human wisdom into one world wide view. Based on human development and Spiral Dynamics, Integral theory posits that evolution is not limited to the exterior forms of reality (matter and organisms), but is also evident in the interior spaces of reality. This then effects the development of culture and consciousness. As we clear emotional blocks we move up the scale of human consciousness. As we become more embodied internally we hold more compassion and space for others externally.

I completed the Integral Facilitator® Certification through Ten Directions in June 2018. This is a professional training program that combines masterful facilitation, Integral theory, developmental psychology, and Zen awareness.