Craniosacral For Newborns, Infants  + Children


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is so gentle and non-invasive it can be used on new-born babies. Starting CST this early not only helps correct possible birth challenges, it also softens the transition for baby and mom. During labor, there can be many challenges for mom and baby and things do not always go as planned. CST can assist with the physical and emotional changes during delivery and labor. As baby transitions to taker his or her first breath and connect with mom via skin to skin and breast feeding, CST can help baby and mom to relax and regulate their nervous, respiratory, hormonal, and lymphatic systems. CST carried out in the delivery room or within the first few days of life can potentially reduce a wide spectrum of birth challenges. It can also address head shape and skull-bone override, plagiocephaly, and torticollis naturally.        

"We have had great success seeing Lesha for my son’s stomachaches. In a very short time she was able to stop his nearly daily stomachaches. We are so grateful he is feeling better again!"
-- Mom of 5 year old son
woman breastfeeding

Infants and Children

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch therapy shown to be effective in supporting the central nervous system. The central nervous system is responsible for controlling all other systems in the body. Therapists release restrictions within the central nervous system allowing for the child's body to relax, self-correct, and heal. Many congenital and acquired health challenges have been shown to respond well to CST. It has also been shown those who regularly receive CST have a healthy immune system, a better tolerance to stress, and improved sensory and motor integration.   



In the 1950 and 60s it was "normal" for most babies to be fed by bottle. Today, there is a large mix and mom and baby are free to choose what is best for them whether it is breast or bottle. You are not a failure or an inadequate mother if you choose to bottle-feed and in some situations, that is what is best for baby and mom.

CST may assist newborns that are having difficulties with breastfeeding from poor suck, reflux, colic, tight jaw, failure to thrive, and increased stress with feedings. New mothers may benefit from CST to address postpartum depression, anxiety around breast feeding,  painful nipples, and hormonal changes post delivery. During a session with your  baby, I may also work on mom, if it is appropriate. It is also recommended for mom and/or dad to have a session(s) of their own to help their own physical bodies and psychological self adjust to parenthood.    


If you have any questions about any craniosacral therapy for your newborn, infant, or child please CONTACT ME today.