The Spiral + Emotional Clearing

Human development theorist David Hawkins and Spiral Dynamics say we are on a scale of consciousness and development. It is human nature that as we develop and grow, we “climb the ladder” of consciousness. According to the theory, if you are a more conscious human being, the more open, loving, accepting, and enlightened you can be. As life happens we all encounter trauma, inherited patterns, stress, and conditioning from family and society. This makes it difficult to embrace who we are at the core.

Our sessions together help you remove the blocks and constraints you inherited from your previous trauma and conditioning. When we are free to grow and develop, we detangle emotional knots. There is less self-doubt and authority-seeking, and an increased willingness to move forward in life with confidence and ease. Beware: It’s not a magic pill. You have to do your work to completely step into YOU. With the blocks removed, the subconscious becomes conscious. You see your emotions for what they are—simply emotions and not reality. We can see life as it is and move forward as more conscious human beings.

Developed by Dane Thomas this is a technique takes the fundamentals of the chakra system, spiral dynamics, levels of consciousness, Chinese meridians, kinesiology, NLP, and self healing into one fundamental map that allows for personal development and human evolution.   

I offer single clearing sessions, and an 8 week Spiral program over the computer, as well as clearing during your personal bodywork sessions.

Single Clearing Sessions

These tailored one on one sessions last 60 minutes. Using kinesiology (muscle testing) and meridians from acupuncture we find the stored subconscious emotions that are holding you back. I work with a wide variety of your problems and address emotional, physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual blocks and stories that stop you from living your dream life.

I have found the best results when we work together for 3 sessions 3 weeks in a row. If you are a new client and not ready to start the Spiral Journey, this is how we will start our work together. After the three initial sessions you can choose how many more sessions you would like to book.

8 Week Spiral

Spiral is an 8 week journey that I do with you. Sessions are 60-75 minutes 1x/week with “homework” on your own time between sessions. Please note, you get out of this what you put into it. Integration is possible by your willingness to play full out and do your homework. The more you work WITH the process, the larger the results will be. Each week focuses on different emotions stored in your chakras or energy centers. There are 7 levels plus 1 integration session on the last week. The areas I guide you through are:  

Level Three: POWER
Level Four: OPENNESS
Level Six: VISION
Level Seven: PURPOSE